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Why Get Home Insurance

Getting home insurance is a significant financial investment, so it makes sense that you want to be certain that it will be useful to you. Here are a few of the best reasons to begin comparing quotes.

You've Put a Lot into Your Home

For most consumers, your home represents the single largest investment you will ever make in your life. A home is also a wise investment, with homes consistently appreciating in value in the United States for decades. You also have spent a great deal of money on the personal belongings within your home, and getting the best policy can help protect these investments. Without a well-funded policy, you risk losing your home and your possessions.

Lawsuits Are More Common Than You Think

An important part of a well-funded policy is the liability portion. The policies on which you will receive premium estimates on our site usually contain liability protection. Liability protection will protect your assets from any lawsuit judgments against you and will also pay for your legal defense if you are sued. For instance, if one of your neighbors were to get hurt on your property and sue you, your assets might be put in serious jeopardy without liability protection. You could lose your savings, your retirement accounts, and even your home in a lawsuit judgment.

Your Possessions are Important

Most homeowners policies don't just cover the structure of your home; the also cover the personal belongings you store within it. For example, if you were robbed and some of your valuables were taken, your plan would cover your losses. Getting a homeowners policy is a smart way to protect your home and your possessions from losses like theft or vandalism.

Bad Things Happen Unexpectedly

Though the chances of something devastating happening to your home are relatively small, bad things do happy unexpectedly, and you want to be prepared when/if they do. For example, a single bout of severe weather could cause wind or hail damage to your home, which could cost you up to tens of thousands of dollars to repair if you are not insured. By getting home insurance rates, you will be prepared in the event these unfortunate events occur.