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How It Works

Learn more about purchasing a homeowners policy here. We will explain more about the product and how our application process works.

Why You Need This Type of Coverage

When you begin comparing policies, you are seeking out estimates of the premiums you will pay for a homeowners plan. This is a financial tool that helps protect you from losses if an unfortunate event should befall your home. Most of the policies you will receive pricing estimates on will cover the following events:
  • Wild animal intrusions
  • Lightning damage
  • Power failure damage
  • Appliance damage
  • Civil unrest (riots)
  • Objects colliding with your home
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Smoke, windstorm, or hail damage
  • Ice damage
  • Volcanic eruption

Get Started Today and Enjoy Peace of Mind

We make signing up for home insurance rates simple and easy on our site. Here is how the sign-up process works:

  1. Fill out our short, online form. Your first step to getting a plan is to fill out our brief, online application form. In exchange for your contact information, we will supply you with quotes you can use to make an educated decision.
  2. You will instantly see at least four free quotes on plans that will meet your needs. Once we have your application form, we will instantly provide you with up to five free quotes on plans from various insurers. You can get started and receive competitive estimates in under five minutes.
  3. Apply for the specific plan of your choosing or you may save your quotes for later reference. If you see an option that fits your needs, you may apply online with the insurer that offers it. We also let you save your quotes for later if you need some time to think it over.